About NFNV

Agriculture is the backbone of a healthy and wealthy nation.
New faces, new voices – African Women In Agriculture (AWIA)
is an African wide initiative whose main objective is to increase
visibility and influence of African women in agriculture in the
decision-making spheres.

There is no doubt that women feed our nations, In most African countries, women account for least 70% of the workforce in agriculture. In Zimbabwe, women make up 52% of the population, whilst being head of over 60% of
homes, they provide 70% of the labour in Agriculture, they are mothers and wives, and yet they continue to live below the poverty Datum Line (PDL), However these are just numbers, they have no faces nor voices.

These women have no say in the policy formulation and allocation of resources. They have no access to training and have very little access to financial resources.Agriculture is the backbone of a healthy and wealthy nation.

Our Key Mandate

The initiative seeks to raise the status of women who are in agriculture and those aspiring to enter the same field. AWIA also seeks to offer a platform for African women to occupy the center stage both within the African continent and abroad, with the hope of creating a network of women who can become the face and voice of a new generation of Women leaders in Agriculture.